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RAF scrambles fighter jets to intercept Russian Blackjack bombers over the North Sea after they refused to respond to air traffic control

The Tupolev Tu-160, reported with the name 'Blackjack' by NATO countries, first flew in 1981 as a Cold War competitor to American bombers. An upgraded version of the aircraft were accepted into the Russian Air Force in 2005, now capabale of carrying nuclear warhead missiles. The Blackjack is manned by a crew of four - the pilot, co-pilot, bombadier and defensive systems officer. It's wingspan is 55.7m and has a top speed of Mach 2.05 (1,380mph). The Tu-160 has two internal bays for carrying 40,000kg worth of bombs, and two rotary launchers capable of holding six Raduga cruis missles or 12 Kickback short-range nuclear missiles. Sergei and Yulia Skirpal were both poisoned by Novichok in March this year Last month RAF fighter jets were scrambled to intercept Russian planes flying over the Romanian Black Sea.

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